1. What products do you offer?

We specialize in roundneck shirts, polo shirts, v-neck shirts, long sleeved shirts, etc.

2. What brands do you carry?

We carry Blue Corner, AIIZ and BBasic. These are well known and trusted brands for over 30 years.

3. Where are your shirts produced?

They are 100% proudly manufactured in the Philippines.

4. Do you carry a separate line of shirts for men and women?

The Blue Corner brand have separate lines for ladies and mens, while AIIZ and Bbasic are unisex.

6. What is your free size?

We consider LARGE as our free size.

7. Where can we find details/pictures of your shirts including sizing and colors?

Our sizing is standard for all our brands. We conform to Philippine shirt sizing norms. We recommend going to our stores and testing them out.

8. Does your shirts fade?

Our shirts color lasts for how many years depending on your washing practices. The brand has been there for 30 years already and our valued customers can attest to that.

9. When is your office hours

Our office hours is from Mon-Sat, 8:30AM -5:30PM

10. Do you accept retail clients?

Of course, retail or wholesale we are more than happy to service your requirements

11. How do we place our orders?

We’ve set up different ways for you to get your orders processed. One is by using our request for quote page. Next is by sending us an email at  tshirtexpressdepot@gmail.com. If you got questions regarding our products and services you can also contact us via mobile, landline, facebook or by using live chat app below. You may also visit us and we would love to help you chose the right product for you.

However, please note that we require at least 50% down payment before we can process your orders.

12. What are the available modes of payment?

Cash payment, Bank to bank deposit, Cheque

*please note that the cheques have to be cleared by the bank first, which usually takes 3 banking days, before we can process your order

13. When do we pay for the items we ordered?

At least 50% down and then upon completion and pick up we require you to pay the rest of the balance.

14. Do you provide volume discounts?

Yes, we give volume discounts to orders of 120 pcs and above.

15. How do you deal with returns?

Purchased items are allowed to be returned provided they meet all of the following conditions:

  1. They are returned within 2 days from the purchase
  2. They are undamaged
  3. The client has to present the receipt. No receipt no return

Please note that we do not accept cash refunds.

16. Are all the items listed on the website available at your store anytime?

Only the fast moving items are usually available at our store. For the rest of the items, we require 2-3 days to have the stocks delivered to the store upon down payment of the customer.

17. How is the pricing of your shirts compared to others?

Our shirts are competitively priced against other brands.

18. Can I pick up my orders without the receipt?

Sorry, but no. We strictly require that the receipt be presented before we release the order.

19. Do you guys deliver?

Yes we do. However we only deliver for orders with a minimum quantity of 500 pieces.

20. What type of printing/embroidery services do you offer?

We offer silkscreen, heat press printing and digital embroidery. You must purchase the shirts from us.

Learn more about Silkscreen, Heatpress and Digital Printing.

21. Where are the prints usually placed?

Based on previous transactions, print and embroider designs are usually placed at the chest area, pocket area or at the sleeves. You also have the option of placing them either at the front or at the back of the shirt or both.

22. What is the size limit of the print?

The maximum size we can print or embroider is that of an A4 bond paper.

23. What is the procedure for printing/ embroidery?

1.Send us the design including the specs

  1. We send you our quote for approval.
  2. Once approved, we require down payment before proceeding.
  3. Once down payment has been received, we make samples for your approval.
  4. Once sample is approved, we proceed with the actual production.

24. Do you accept rush jobs?

Yes we do, however we usually charge extra for this. We suggest that you plan ahead to avoid unnecessary costs and complications.

25. Do you do customized shirts?

Yes we do. We can do customized roundneck shirts, v-neck shirts, polo shirts, longsleeves and sandos based on your specifications.

26. Do you require minimum quantity for customized shirts?

Yes, the minimum quantity is dependent on the design and operations required to produce the shirt. Based on previous transactions the minimum quantity has ranged from a low of 150 pcs to as much as 2000 pcs.

27. What is the composition of your shirts?

65% polyester and 35% cotton.